We offer both an in-house or on-site inspection and testing service for all types of lifting equipment, together with advice on when inspections are due. Our experienced and competent test engineers are always on hand to find the best solutions to our clients testing requirements. Whether it’s a simple lift shaft beam test, or a more challenging bespoke lifting device, they have the knowledge, confidence and equipment required to undertake any job.

On completion of work, a certificate of a Thorough Examination and/or Test is issued.

Stallion is an associate member of SAFed, the Safety Assessment Federation.   SAFed represents the foremost UK independent engineering inspection and certification industry, which plays a key role in maintaining high standards of safety within the workplace.

We also work in association with Allianz insurance who recommend Stallion to their customers to carry out any necessary testing.  This partnership is worked throughout the entire south of England. A small example of the test equipment at our engineers’ disposal includes

  • 25t Horizontal test bed, 50ft long.
  • 50t Vertical test rig capable of compression & tensile loading.
  • 10t Goalpost gantry.
  • 25kn Hydrajaws ‘Eyebolt’ tester.
  • Load cells up to 50t.

In addition to testing lifting equipment we also;

  • Calibrate load cells up to 25t
  • Calibrate torque wrenches up to 1100Nm

All of our equipment is thoroughly examined, tested and calibrated in accordance with current standards and legislation.   We have the relevant insurance tailored to our needs.

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